Reporting a Post

Report feed posts for unprofessional/inappropriate content

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Any user can report any post to an admin within your organization. This post will only be removed once an Admin dismisses or deletes the reported post.

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How to report a post

You can report a post on any client (mobile, desktop, or web) through the following steps.

  1. On the post you want to report, click on the three little dots on the right-hand-side.

  2. Click on "Report Post"

  3. This will send a notification containing this post to the Admins. They will review the report and either delete or dismiss the post.

What if the post is not deleted?

If the post has not been deleted for a while after it has been reported, then the Admins might have decided not to delete it. If you have continuing concerns regarding the post or user, please follow up with your administrator or manager for assistance.

Managing Reported Posts

Once the report has been submitted, the admins for the team will be notified. For example, if the post was made in Team A's feed, only Team A admins will be notified of the report.

After admins receive the report, they will follow the steps provided here to review the post and proceed accordingly.

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