Product Panel - September 2020 update

A little over a month ago we launched the Blink Product Panel. A brand new concept created to let Blink members like yourself steer our short-term road map: what we build when we build it, and how we build it.

To kick things off, we put together a product portal for Product Panel members to vote on features they wanted us to build next and to provide feedback directly to our product team.

Every single vote and piece of feedback has helped shape our roadmap and we're thrilled to announce 12 features coming your way as a result.

You asked and we delivered.

  1. Filter analytics with a custom date range
    Find out how to do it on our help desk.
  2. Filter your Feed by Team on mobile
    Find out how to filter your feed here.
  3. Press Shift + Enter to start a new line in feed comments
  4. Reconnect quicker after going offline
  5. Reply to comments on the Feed with ease

    Coming up next

  6. Schedule and Feature posts on mobile
  7. Bulk resend invites to users who have not activated their Blink account
  8. Format Feed posts with larger titles, bold text, italics, lists and more...
  9. Update user profiles in bulk (e.g. team memberships and profile information)
  10. Write your own statements for your Mandatory Reads
  11. Improved search experience
  12. Notifications Improvements

Why these features?

All 12 features were added to our roadmap as a result of your votes and feedback from the Blink Product Panel. Features with the highest number of votes were added to our roadmap.

And then, thanks to your feedback, we were able to identify a batch of smaller enhancements that we knew we could develop and release in record time which we hope you are already benefiting from.

What about the features not listed above?

Fear not, we haven't forgotten your votes or decided not to do these. Far from it in fact. We plan to build every single feature that was listed on the portal.

Our product team have begun speaking about every feature listed and as those conversations develop we will continue to publish updates on the portal. If any of the features can be delivered sooner we will make sure we do so.

What about 'Videos in Hub & Pages'? If we were going to add a 13th item to that list, Videos in Hub & Pages would take that spot.
To ensure this feature meets or exceeds your expectations, we would like to ask some follow up questions to everyone that asked for the feature to help guide how we design and develop this feature. Our team will be in touch with you over the next couple of weeks. 

Are you building anything else at the same time?

We sure are. Alongside the features that we asked you to vote on we have several product enhancements that we have been working on that we know many of you have asked for.

Thank you!

You are the driving force behind everything we do and we love hearing your feedback and suggestions. So keep them coming.