For new Blink users

  This article will walk you through an explanation of the app and its main features for a new user who has signed up to Blink!

  • If you are looking at this page it means you have recently set up an account. First of all, thank you. We love being able to provide a world-class app to you, the workers, and by just signing up you are helping us help you. You are what drives the world and we couldn't be doing what we love without you!
  • In the case that Blink is being introduced into your organisation, there will be a few things that need to be done before you can get your account set up. In particular, you will either need to wait for your invite or wait for another way to get signed into Blink. Your company will handle all the bits behind the setup to get you access, you will just need to do the signing in!

The first step to get done would be setting up your account.

  1. Complete your profile. This is important, get your details completed and set a profile picture if you feel like it!
  2. Add some integrations to get useful info & actions into your Feed.
  3. Some people may like to add their feed post in just to say hello! It is also a great way to get some usage out of the feed on your first day.

Once you have received your starter pack, invitation, or login details and signed into your account with no issues, you will be greeted by the first page. This is the Feed which is the first icon in the bottom left;


The feed is for all things social and works like many other social feeds. Here you, your managers, and your colleagues can post information for all to see! It is then divided up into certain Post Types like the Social Post Type, here you can post what you had for breakfast for example; Priority Posts can also come through on the Feed which contains important information your managers want you to know of! There is also the option of making a Poll Post as well which would allow you to collect answers from your colleagues and managers about a specific work-related topic, or maybe you wanted to know how milky they have their tea, the options are endless!

Post types can even be added. If you have any good ideas of what you want to be added, speak to your regional Blink Champion in one of the orange lanyards.

On the feed, you can also attach more than one photo, a video clip, a link to a great website that needs sharing, and whatever else you can come up with! It is one of the easiest ways to share information, and ultimately allows for great communication between you and your managers! If you have any ideas of what else we could add to Blink's feed post let us know! We love feedback since we love to make Blink as user-friendly and amazing as we can!

After you have done exploring the feed, you can move on to the next icon in the list: the messenger/chat function!


The chat system works like any other, but as with everything we have made it unique and helpful to better serve you during the day! You can have as many chats as you like with other users at your organisation and can message freely whenever you would like. There are two options to choose from in how to talk to others, Group chats and Direct chats.

  •  Group chats are just chats with more than two people involved, the more the merrier!

Group chats work just like Direct chats, except that you have the option to mute it so that you only get a notification when your name ( @{first name} {last name} ) is mentioned in the chat using the @ button.

  • Direct chats are just chats with only two people involved.

These work the same as any other site that has a chat function!

The next icon in the list is the Directory.


This works like a contact list of all the users at your organisation and is broken up into three parts, contacts, directory, and teams. The first part to look at is the Directory page and this contains a list of all your colleagues, try searching for one by name (and if registered) they would appear. You can then tap on that user's name which will add them to your Contacts list, and also provide a few other options like Chatting to them. The Contacts page is just a list that can be made into keeping your colleagues and associates saved, that you have looked for on the Directory and clicked on. This provides an easier connection to that specific user as your organisation might have a lot of employees leading to a lot of time searching!

, which looks. The last part to mention is the Teams page, which looks at the Teams you are involved in. Blink is built off of the Team function and enables you to view certain information that is linked under it. For example, a business may have a marketing team and a separate team for sales. If you are only in the marketing team you can only see information that the team is enabled to see and won't see what is posted to the sales team.

One of the main reasons to use Blink to the Hub is a vital part of Blink.


Here information that may relate to your day to day life can be posted and stored for access whenever. This is impacted by your team access if you are missing something let someone know!

On the Hub, there may be some quick links posted at the top which take you to an internal Blink document, or an external website. There is a lot of information that can be added to the Hub, you could have forms, documents, shortcuts (to external sites), micro-apps, and any other file! This can then be organised into folders which is where the teams come in as the folders can be assigned to the specific teams. There may also be an option to relay feedback to us, or someone in your team, by using the Micro-app for Submit Feedback. This may not have been enabled in your organisation so if you are missing the Submit Feedback app don't worry. It can also be reached on the settings page! If you have any ideas feel free to send them our way!

Finally, the settings page! Usually, these are overlooked unless needed, but Blinks' comes with some important features.


If you are using Blink on a computer:

This can be accessed by pressing the Cog in the bottom left.

Edit Profile

This option allows you to change your contact details and personal details. Some may be blocked by your organisation.

Edit Preferences

This is where you can change the notifications, set Do Not Disturb, and the temperature! The temperature widget is only located on the Computer version of Blink.

Help and support

This will give you access straight to our Articles!

If you are using Blink on your mobile:

This can be accessed by going to the Settings page on Blink.

Edit Profile

This option allows you to change your contact details and personal details. Some may be blocked by your organisation.


Here you would be able to set what notifications you would like, set a snooze on for notifications, and set your Do not Disturb


Here you can choose to run Dark Mode, rate us in the play store, or send us feedback!

Help and support

This will give you access straight to our Articles!

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