How to create a Channel

Creating a Channel is different to creating a Chat because it originates from a specific Team.

Channels can only be created by Organisation Admins or Team Admins.

  • How to create a Channel

Org Admins can create Channels for any of the Teams within your organisation, whereas Team Admins can create Channels for the Team that they are the admin for.  

How to create a Channel

If you have Channels enabled, follow these steps to create a Channel:

1. Go to Directory

2. Go to Teams

3. Select the Team you want to create a Channel for e.g. Customer Success


4. Click Create Channel

5. Give your new Channel a name, purpose and select followers 

If you leave the Select followers box blank then ALL the Team members will automatically be made into followers of the Channel

6. Click Create


Once a Channel is created, it sits within Chats and acts as another place for a Team to communicate. 

Channels can be used to discuss whatever you like. A Channel could be created for an upcoming piece of work, event, shared interest and so on.

You can create multiple Channels within each Team with various team members in each Channel.

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