What is an Alias?

  An alias is an alternate name for a user on Blink. This article will walk you through how to use an alias on your Blink Organization.
Creating an alias allows a user to perform actions on Blink under a different name.

This different name could be the name of:

  • Another user,
  • A Team,
  • A group of people,
  • A Department,
  • A Location,
  • and so on...

Think about Clark Kent.. His alias is Superman!

Benefits of an alias:

  • A user can post on behalf of another user

    e.g. a Communications Manager can post on behalf of a CEO

  • A user can post on behalf of a group of people

    e.g. a Line Manager can post on the behalf of their Team

  • It eliminates the need for a user to manage more than one Blink account

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