Logout of the Blink app


Blink allows the option of Logging out of your account. However, Blink also will remember you removing the need to sign in over and over again each time the app is opened. We recommend only signing out of the app if you are looking to resolve an issue.

This article will cover:

  • Logging out on mobile
  • Logging out on desktop
  • FAQs
Logging out on mobile
  1. Open the Settings page
  2. Scroll down, click "Logout of Blink". Clicking that will log you out of your account.

    This is the same across both Android and iOS.
Logging out on desktop/web
  1. Click the Settings cog and then click "Edit Profile"
  2. In the the top right of the screen you will have an option to log out. Clicking that will log you out of your account.


I can't log back in

If you are struggling to log back into Blink, click here - log into Blink.

Does Blink have a kiosk mode?

There is a kiosk mode, click here - Kiosk mode.

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