How to share a video to the Feed (desktop)

  Sharing a video in the Feed is the same as attaching any other file to a post! In this article, we will show you how to:

  • Share a video in a Feed Post
  • Schedule a video Post

For more information on how to share videos to the Feed using Blink on your mobile, click here.

Share a video in a Feed post

Sharing a video in the Feed is the same as sharing any other post - for more information on how to post to the Feed click here.

Start creating a new Feed post!

  • Choose who it's From: - i.e. you or an alias (if you have one set up for you)
  • Choose who it's going To: - which Team/s or individuals
  • Add some text to you post
  • Choose the Categorie
  • Make sure your post's settings are set to what you want them to be (cog wheel in the bottom left-hand corner) - post settings are explained in more detail here

To add a video to your Feed post, just click on the attachment icon:

Then select which video you'd like to upload!

In this example, we're uploading a .mp4 file, but you can upload ANY commonly used video format!

You can now play the video to make sure it's the one you want to send BEFORE posting - here you can see the video controls and the option to view in full screen mode

Once you're happy and you video post is ready, click Post! It will start uploading.

Your video now needs to upload to the Feed:

  • If you're uploading a large video to the Feed, it will take a little bit of time for it to load
  • You can use Blink as normal whilst the video is loading!

When your video has successfully uploaded, you will receive a notification saying 'Your feed post is ready

You and the audience you posted this to can now preview and watch the video from within Blink!

Schedule a video Post

Just like any other post on Blink, you can schedule it to be sent at a later date and time.

When creating your post, click on the post settings

Select Schedule this post

Choose the date and time you'd like this post to be shared


Click Schedule

Double check your post is ready and the scheduled date and time is correct

Then click Post!

A pop-up will appear showing your upcoming post is uploading

If you need to remind yourself what posts you have upcoming you can always check by clicking My upcoming posts in your Feed Setup menu.

Share multiple videos in one Post

You can share multiple attachments in a Feed post - you can attach unlimited images and up to 3 files!

1. Click on the attachment icon and select the videos you'd like to share

Remember, by clicking the three vertical dots (burger menu) in the top right-hand corner of each attachment, you can Make cover (first video) or Remove - you can also add more attachments!

2. Once you've shared your post, it will need to upload

3. When the upload has been successful, you will receive a notification saying 'Your feed post is ready' and it will be shared to the Feed

4. You and the audience you posted this to can now preview and watch the videos from within Blink!

You can click forward and back between the video attachments to view them all!

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