How to create a Mandatory Read


Mandatory Reads are a function that can be sent to specific Teams. They can be used for content that you want to ensure has been read by who it is sent to as every user must 'Acknowledge' that they have read the Mandatory Read. You can then send reminders to those that haven't read the Mandatory Read at any time to ensure it is seen and read by all. This article will cover:

Who can use this feature?

Mandatory Reads can only be created by Organization Admins.

Mandatory Reads give Administrators the ability to create or mark Pages in the Hub that require attention and action from users. 

Create a Mandatory Read:

  1. Mandatory Reads can be created in the same way that a Page is created in the Hub.
  2. Go to the Admin portal. Under Content Management, there is a section called Mandatory Reads. Click Mandatory Reads
  3. Select Add Mandatory Read. Choose the desired location within the Hub. Select Compose Page
  4. Add your content, such as a title, image, text, attachment, and edit/format wherever necessary. Once you are happy with the content you can then take a look at:  
  5. Once you are ready to publish your Mandatory Read click 'Publish'.
  6. Extra note: if you have 'Share to Feed' toggled on you will then be met with a post box. The audience of the post will be defined by the Mandatory Read's audience. Once you are ready to send the Feed Post, containing the link to the Mandatory Read, click 'Share'.

The audience is notified both on the Hub icon (red dot) and in the banner with a prompt to Read Now

Mark an existing Page as a Mandatory Read

You should know that...

Administrators can mark ANY existing Page within the Hub as a Mandatory Read. 

  1. Go to the Admin portal
  2. Click on Hub under Content Management
  3. Select the document you'd like to mark as a Mandatory Read
  4. Turn the Mandatory Read toggle to blue
  5. Your Page is now a Mandatory Read and requires an acknowledgment from users
  6. You will also now be able to Edit the statement

Translating Mandatory Read using on Demand Translation

Who can use this feature?

All users can use this feature. However, this is a paid-for feature and must be enabled first. Please contact support for more information.

You can use this feature to allow any user to translate any Mandatory Read into their desired language.

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