How to create a Mandatory Read

  Creating a Mandatory Read is simple and is a really effective tool if you need to send out a Page of information that you need everyone to see!

Blink has designed Mandatory Reads to give Administrators the ability to create or mark Pages in the Hub that require attention and action from users. 

The two ways to create a Mandatory Read:

  1. Mandatory Reads can be created in the same way that a Page is created in the Hub.
  2. Go the Admin portal > under Content Management, there is a section called Mandatory Reads > Click Mandatory Reads
  3. Select Add Mandatory Read > Choose the desired location within the Hub > Select Compose Page

  4. Add content to Mandatory Read, such as a title, image, text, attachment etc. and edit/format wherever necessary
  5. When the content is complete and proofread, click Publish > The Share to Feed box will now appear
  6. When a Mandatory Read is created from scratch, it will automatically be posted to the Feed, unless you choose not to post it
  7. Add some context to the post, such as a title or introduction > Select your Post type > Click Share
  8. Your Mandatory Read has now been published, posted in the Feed and notifications have been sent out to your audience of users

The audience is notified both on the Hub icon (red dot) and in the banner with a prompt to Read Now

Mark an existing Page as a Mandatory Read

You should know that...

Administrators can mark ANY existing Page within the Hub as a Mandatory Read. 

  1. Go to the Admin portal
  2. Click on Hub under Content Management
  3. Select the document you'd like to mark as a Mandatory Read
  4. Turn the Mandatory Read toggle ON
  5. Click Update
  6. Click Set as Mandatory Read
  7. Your Page is now a Mandatory Read and requires acknowledgement from users

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