Does Blink have access to my files?


The need for digital privacy is more important than ever. For that reason, we go to great extremes to protect all data stored on Blink.

Our team use Blink for absolutely everything, and we don't want our data misused anymore than you do.

We're in this together. Our standards are incredibly high. If it isn't good enough for us, it definitely isn't good enough for you.

Storage permissions

We need storage permission when you want to share files or photos stored on your device. Without this permission, when you click on any button to attach a file or photo the operating system will not allow us to open the file or photo, browser.

With this permission, we can open the browser, but nothing inside it. When you select a file or photo and share it in Blink, a copy will be made on our secure servers.

Please note

No member of the Blink team will ever ask for personal information such as your password. If you are asked this, decline straight away and cease any communication with the contact.

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