Adding users to a team!

  This article will walk you through how to add users into teams from a users profile!

Missing information could cause many issues so ensuring that a user is in the correct teams is important.

The easiest way to check if they are is by heading to that user's profile

You should know that...

This option is best used for adding a user into a team.

Which can be done by:

  • Heading to the Admin Panel
  • Staying on the default page that opens which is the "Users" page.
  • Finding a user and opening their profile
  • Opening the Team page and verifying all the correct teams are there

By doing the steps above you may realise that a user, in particular, is missing and needs to be added into a team. Fortunately, you can do this from within the page you have ended up at!

To do this you should:

  1. Firstly, following the steps listed above to reach a users listed teams
  2. Once there you should then click the blue button 
  3. A pop up will appear. Within this pop up will be the option to 'Find a Team 
  4. Search for the team you need to add the user to
  5. Press "Add user to teams"! 

You should know that...

You don't need to press 'Save' when adding a user to their teams via this method!

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