Commenting has been turned off.


Post authors and moderators can turn comments off when they want to bring a conversation to a close.

Who can use this feature?

Comments can be toggled on or off by the author of the post, team administrators, content moderators and organization administrators..

Why and when should this be used?

Like in person, all conversations and discussions need to come to an end eventually. Once a post has received hundreds or even thousands of comments, those who started the conversation need to bring it to a controlled end so that they can digest all the feedback, suggestions, and comments received.

We built this feature to allow those in control of the post to acknowledge, summarise and close the conversation until more input is required.

Turning comments on or off after posting

  1. Step 1 - tap on the ยทยทยท menu at the top of the card.
  2. Step 2 - Tap on Turn off commenting to turn comments off or Turn on commenting to turn them on.

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