Blink Channels are an easy way to pull people into specific conversations that are relevant to them. 

Steps: (Please note, you must be a team admin in order to create a Channel)

1. Go to the Blink app

2. Select Directory

3. Select the ‘Team’ tab - Channels are discoverable and accessible from all users that are within this Team

4. Select the Team you’d like to create a Channel for

5. Select (+) ‘Create Channel’

6. Choose a title, e.g. “New Starters”, Frontline job title, and description for context.

 - If you only want specific users from the Team you’ve selected to see this Channel, select followers from the drop-down

7. If you want everyone in the Team to see this Channel, leave this blank

8. Select Create

9. Upload an image relevant to your Channel, and choose Channel settings

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