What is a Team Admin?

A Team Admin's role is to ensure that everyone in the team is getting the most out of Blink. To help you do this, you have access to some extra features and the Blink Admin Portal.

ℹ️ The Blink Admin Portal is accessible from a computer via the desktop app or by visiting www.admin.joinblink.com - this link can also be accessed on a tablet.

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📑 Feed Content

Teams need access to relevant and up-to-date content in the Feed. Team Admins have access to extra features to make this easy.

You can moderate the Feed as well as create Featured and Priority posts for the teams they are an Admin for. These posts are given a boost so that they stand out from everything else in the Feed, helping important updates get seen.

📚 Hub Content

Team Admins can add, edit, replace and remove content from the Hub via Blink Admin, so you can make sure the team has access to the latest information and tools that they need.

📖 Mandatory Reads

When Team Admins need to know that the team has read and understood important information, Mandatory Reads give you a paper trail of who has received and read the update, as well as who has/hasn’t acknowledged it.

👪 Users & Teams

Depending on overall settings, Team Admins may be able to invite other users to the organization.

You can support other team members by trouble shooting things from your profile and, if needed, you can even disable user accounts. You can also manage the details and membership of teams they are an Admin for via the Teams section of the Blink Admin Portal.

💹 Activity & Engagement

You can use the analytics section of the Admin Portal to measure the adoption and engagement of your team. Please note that you will only be able to see the team(s) that you are assigned as an admin for. If you are missing information or don't see all of your teams, please follow up with your manager to ensure you've been assigned correctly.

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