Finding your account on Blink through the Directory is simple!

This article will show you how to quickly view your profile from within the Directory on Blink.

1. Firstly, find your way onto the Directory - the third tab on all clients of Blink! (this option is to the left of the desktop/web versions and the menu at the bottom of your screen on the mobile app)

2. Then, once you have selected this page you will see your profile at the top of the list.

From this view, you can:

  • Edit your Profile (please see How do I edit my profile? for more information)

  • Edit your Preferences (please see [insert new preferences help doc here])

    • This option is currently not available for the mobile app.

Why can’t I update my information?

You may notice that a number of options can't be edited: this is due to your User Privileges which are controlled by your organization. Find out why your fields are locked by viewing "Locked Profile Fields"

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