Configure Dynamic Teams

With dynamic teams, users are automatically added and removed from teams based on their user profile.

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This feature can only be set up by an Organization Admin and is available on both our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans.

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Before you start

⚠ Ensure that each user has the correct Company Name, Job Title, Department, and Location.

⚠ Make sure that editing of profile fields is restricted. You can do this from the User Privileges page in Admin.

Getting started

To access the builder, go to the Team profile page in admin and click on Dynamic membership rules in the menu.

The rule building page has three sections:

Section 1. Configure Rules

This is where you build your rules.

This is where you decide what to do with users that are already in your team but don't match the rules.

Section 3. Validate your rules

This is where you can check that the new membership looks as you'd expect before saving your changes.

Configure Rules

This section has two options for setting up dynamic teams: Creating a team with every member of the organization or building specific rules to only add certain users.

Create a team with every single user in it

Click on the Add everyone from Blink toggle. When enabled, you cannot add any other rules to this team. All existing and any future users will be added to this team.

Build rules

  1. Click on Select property... and select from the drop-down the profile field you want to use. You can only select one but can add more later.

  2. Once you've selected the property a new box will appear where you can select values. Click on this box and select as many values you want to include in your rule.

    ​In this example, if we were to select Accounts and Design, then anyone from Accounts or Design would be added to the team, but users from Business Development or Customer Success would not be added.

  3. With our departments selected, we can now add a second property to further narrow down the users that will be added to this team. Click on ADD

    Once you click on Add, a new line will appear as shown below:

    Note AND, written before the property selector. This that the users in your team will have to be in either the Design or Accounts department AND match the properties and value you set on this row.

    Follow the same steps as we've just been through, starting by selecting your property and then the values for that property.

    In this example, any user in my organization who is in either the Design or Accounts department and is located in Australia would be added to this team.
  4. You can go on to add a row for each property as shown here
    In this example, any user who is in the Design or Accounts department, located in Sydney and working for Super Smashing Ltd with the job title Account Director would be added to the team. If one or more of those values was not on their profile, they would not be added.

    So, a member of the design department, located in Australia working for Super Smashing Ltd whose job title was Designer would not be added. 

Excluding users

When you need to exclude users, simply press on the or exclude option as shown here.

Proceed to define which users you need to exclude from this team as you did for defining who you needed to add.

This example shows a ream where we've added every member of Ash Ltd. (1097 members) but then excluded anyone in Ash Ltd. who is also a member of Belfast Team (25 members).

Decide what to do with existing members

Next, you need to decide what to do with your existing users. This step must be completed before you finish and save your changes.

There are two options: keep existing members or remove anyone that doesn't match your new rules.

Keep existing members in the Team

Remove anyone that doesn't match the rules

Any existing members that do not match the most recent rules will become permanent members.

If a user who is currently in the team no longer matches the rules you've set, they will be removed immediately.

Validate your rules

Lastly, you can see who will be added and removed from your team based on your new rules. If everything looks correct click "Update Members". You'll be shown a confirmation pop-up

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