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Create a page in the Hub

Updated over a week ago

This feature is included with all Blink subscriptions.

Let's make your first page together!

Pages are a great way to keep your employees engaged by providing important information in an accessible and eye-catching format.

How to create a page

  1. Open the Admin Panel on a desktop

  2. On the left side under "Content Studio" open the section labelled "Hub"

  3. Click on the "Add content" button and select "Page"

  4. Enter your content.

  5. Add a title and/or featured image to help make the page stand out. Play around with formatting, attach videos or files, add links, etc.

    1. For more information about pages, please see this article.

  6. Once you're happy with your page, select the audience you'd like to share it with and toggle the "Share to feed" option to the right to share it with your team.

  7. Tap "Publish" to save all changes and share the page.

Adding more content to the Hub

  1. Select Hub

  2. Select (+) 'Add Content'

  3. Select the content type you want to upload

  4. A Settings bar will appear. Select:

    1. Display name

    2. Section

    3. Team (your audience)

    4. Icon - for links only

  5. Select 'Publish'

Let your employees know by sharing your new content with the Feed!

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