Adding images to your Feed post


Images are a great way to make your post stand out. So whether you're sending team news, sharing a photo of your work, or welcoming a new starter, upload an image or use your phone camera to add a snap. 

How to upload

iPhones, iPads and Androids Desktop
  1. Tap on the + button in the share box. (You can also tap on the camera icon to open your camera.)
  2. Tap on 'Image & Video Library. (If you want to take a photo rather than upload an existing one, tap on 'Take a photo' to open your camera.
  3. Select all the photos that you want to add to your post and tap Add. The order you tap on them is the order they will appear on the post.
  4. If you have uploaded more than one photo and want to change which one is used as the large image on the left-hand side of your post, tap on the images, scroll to find the cover image you want and press the ··· menu to select it as your Cover image.
Image dimensions
  • Whilst images are capped at 668px on the desktop app; we recommend uploading an image twice this size for best results.
  • The smaller the file, the quicker it will load when your team open their Feed. We recommend using .jpg rather than .png, and if possible, optimizing your image to improve load times. Find out more here
  • Make sure your images are accessible. Find out more here.

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