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Best practices for using images in every part of blink from branding to icons.

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Profile photos and icons

For the best results, we recommend using .jpg files that are 400px square for all profile photos, chat icons, and Hub icons


Desktop background

We recommend using an image that is a .jpg file and at least 1500px wide by 500px high. You will be able to re-position this image as desired.

Mobile background

We recommend using .jpg files which are at least 750px wide by 350px high for best results.

Company logos

We recommend using a transparent .png logo that's 460px wide by 70px high.

Company icons

We recommend using a .jpg file that is 400px square.


We recommend users choose images that are 700px square to achieve the best result in both the web/desktop and mobile instances; however, there's no perfect rule on this.

If you add a Feed post to the Carousel, The first image added to your feed post is selected as the cover image and this image is used on featured posts in the carousel. When you have more than one image, you can select which one you want to be the cover image. Like all feed posts, the carousel has a max with of 668px.

Unlike feed posts, the carousel has a max height of 296px. This is because we need the carousel to remain the same height as you scroll. If we allowed the image height to change, the other content on the page would constantly move up and down.


💡 Helpful Hint

Looking for more information on Feed images? Check out this article!


For page cover images, we recommend using .jpg files that are at least 1500px wide by 500px high. Please note that once you select the image, you will not be able to re-position the image at that time.

These images are cropped to make sure the image fills the space without distorting it.

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