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Getting to Know Your Blink App
Getting to Know Your Blink App

Overview of the app and it's 4 main features: Feed, Chats, Directory, and Hub

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All features listed in this article are available with all Blink subscriptions.


The feed opens up two-way communication in the workplace. It's a space for your company to keep you in the loop with what's going on and share important information. It’s also your space to join the conversation and share your ideas or observations from the frontline.

When you post to the Feed, you can add photos, videos, documents, and links to websites. It helps all users share information with ease and ultimately allows for great communication between you and your managers!

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Chats in Blink function similarly to most popular mobile chat apps. You can have as many chats as desired with other users from your organization with no restrictions on when you can send messages.

There are two options to choose from in how to talk to others, Group chats and Direct chats. You can have direct chats with just one other person or you can set up group chats with as many other people as you wish.

If you click on the plus button next to the reply area, you can explore Blink Super Powers and have fun in your chats.

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Whether your teammates are just across the office from you or on the other side of the world, the Directory makes finding and connecting with colleagues from around the organization easier than ever. You can click on any user in the Directory to see their profile and start chats with them.

The directory is broken up into three parts: contacts, directory, and teams.

  • The Contacts tab will show every colleague that you've had a direct conversation with on Blink. When you mark a contact as a favourite, they will appear at the top of this view.

  • The Directory tab contains every single person in your organization.

  • The Teams tab shows all teams that you are a member of. Being part of the correct teams is of utmost importance as this is how things are shared with you in Hub and the Feed.

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The Hub stores information that may relate to your day-to-day life to be accessed whenever it’s needed. This is impacted by your team access so be sure to let someone know if you are missing something!

There may be some quick links posted at the top of the Hub which take you to an internal Blink document, or an external website. A lot of information can be added to the Hub based on your company’s needs: forms, documents, shortcuts (to external sites), micro-apps, and any other file! There may also be an option to relay feedback to us, or someone in your team, by using the Micro-app for Submit Feedback. (This may not have been enabled in your organisation so if you are missing the Submit Feedback app don't worry. It can also be reached on the settings page! If you have any ideas feel free to send them our way!)

This information can then be organised into folders which can be assigned to the specific teams.

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