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Best Practices for Moderating in Blink
Best Practices for Moderating in Blink

A helpful guide to make sure your users get the best possible experience on Blink

Updated over a week ago
  • Create policies for how you expect people to behave, remind them regularly, and share in response if someone is not following the guidelines.

    • This might looks like a tailored version of your social media policy. We have an example here.

  • Be sure to assign enough admins to cover your bases. Ideally, there should always be someone available to moderate.

  • It's important that the admins you assign receive adequate training as well.

    • We're happy to help with this! Please contact us if you need assistance.

  • Encourage your managers to use the 'Most relevant' filter on comments so they can filter by the comments made by their direct reports and/or those with the same location/department.

  • Should the need arise, you can restrict a user's Feed access through the Admin portal. This will disable their ability to comment and react on Feed posts.

  • Remove users from chats (either temporarily or permanently) if they are not following your etiquette guidelines.

  • Restrict certain Chats to admins-only posting (you can do this in the Chat settings). This can be a temporary measure if a Chat needs to settle down as it stops normal users from being able to post.

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