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An example of what a good social media policy would be for employees using Blink

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📲 Social Media Policy

There are loads of different social media platforms out there and we all use them for different things, from work to socializing to blogging about your favorite subject.

We want to make sure that we are all protected while using any social media. We want everyone to use social media as a way to collaborate, share ideas and feedback.

We believe that used in the right way, at the right time, social media is a fantastic tool that can create a great culture.

To support this, we ask that you are honest, straightforward and respectful when taking part in any social media activity. We trust that you will do the right thing for yourself, your colleagues and your organization.

It’s best to assume that everything that you post on any social media platform is permanent and can be viewed by anyone at any time. Remember, it can always be tracked back to you.

Before you post, have a think about the content and what the impact might be on you, your colleagues and your organization. If you think “Is it okay for me to post this?” It’s probably not okay.

If you do notice any activity that you think might have a negative impact, please let your manager or team lead know. By doing this, you are supporting us in creating a great culture that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Thank you for your continuous support!

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