💬 What is Great Communication?

Great communication starts with great content! This guide makes creating content easy.

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🔑 Five key rules to great content

1️⃣ Be authentic! Authenticity is key right across any business. When you use the app, write as YOU. Be yourself and the content will flow much more easily.

2️⃣ Content is King, but conversation is the Kingdom! The content shared on Blink is hugely important to get conversations going, but what comes out in comments on Posts is what creates content for the future. You need to engage with conversations, respond, and share new Posts if required to answer comments and questions.

3️⃣ Don’t overload on ‘push’ communication It is very important to send out ‘push’ communications on Blink, but don’t over-do it. We recommend that a maximum of three top-down pieces of communication should be sent out per week, but we encourage as many posts from individuals as possible!

4️⃣ Respond carefully if there are negative comments Negatives can easily be turned into positives if they’re managed well. If someone posts a negative comment on Blink, stop and think carefully before you respond. Seek advice from your colleagues if you need to.

5️⃣ Embrace the new! Every time there’s something new in the company (or new on the app), write a post about it Great content comes from sharing new things. Every time a new feature is introduced, ensure a post is written about it. Equally, news, changes and updates within the company make for great and positive content too. Ensure these are shared at every opportunity, just be careful not to duplicate content!

🏗️ Supporting company culture

An easy win when communicating on Blink is to post anything that reinforces the company culture. Blink is a great place to share your vision, mission and values, and to talk about purpose and pride in work in a very informal way.

Talk about your company culture in posts and ask questions of your audience to encourage conversations and inclusivity. Gather feedback on changes and be prepared to openly discuss a challenging issue.

💬 Feedback, debate, discuss!

Ask questions in the content you post to drive the conversation. Put yourself in the shoes of your colleagues, pick up on what is being discussed around the water cooler or in the bathroom and bring that conversation out onto Blink. Be ready to take feedback positively on content you post and encourage employees to debate about it.

If a post gets lots of traction, summarize the comments in another post and explain, where possible, what’s being done about it.

🎊 Celebrate success

Celebrating success is always a quick win. Birthdays, new babies, weddings - all great content which people like to know about. Although these celebrations are very important, it’s best to make sure they don’t clog up your Feed with notifications.

Using Blink to celebrate business wins and recognizing employees who have made a difference and gone the extra mile is key. In sharing these positive news stories, it will make your employees feel acknowledged and appreciated, and by default, encourage others to do the same and work more productively to win success.

👥 Conversational leadership

If you are a Leader yourself or can support a Leader with a Blink post, please do try and post content that will engage with all employees. One of the most cited use-cases was a CEO of a large multi-national company posting about where he enjoyed getting his coffee in the morning. It got the conversation going and encouraged all employees onto the platform. Feeling you’ve been ‘let in’ to a Leader’s life helps employees connect with them.

Leaders need to use Blink for push communications, so it’s important they’re also engaging less formally and posting more conversational content too

🗣️ Ten top tips for communications on Blink

1.Be yourself when sharing content on Blink

6. Company culture is key - post content that reinforces your vision, mission and values of the company

2. Make sure your content encourages people to comment, like and debate

7. Celebrate success and shout out any team members who have done great work and gone the extra mile

3. Limit the number of ‘push’ communications you use to a maximum of around three per week

8. Discuss, debate, and give feedback - use conversation on Blink to drive new posts to further feedback if a post has had traction

4. Embrace the new! Posts about new functionality on Blink or new product updates is great content

9. Be personable and give a little of yourself, especially if you’re a leader

5. Respond carefully to negativity. Make sure you think before you respond and seek advice if you’re not sure

10. Always double check spelling and grammar before sharing content

📖 Additional resources

The Great Communication guide outlines how to communicate on Blink with top-tips on how to create great content. Please use the links below to download this guide as desired.

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