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Reporting abuse on Blink
Reporting abuse on Blink

How and when users need to report content/other users

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Each Blink instance is managed by your organisation or employer. As each company is different, your organisation may have specific policies about communicating on workplace platforms that must be respected. Contact your manager or internal communications team for more information on your company policy about communicating on workplace platforms. Respecting this policy creates a safe and comfortable environment so that everyone can enjoy Blink.

Reporting abuse on Blink

If you are feeling abused, harassed, or made uncomfortable by another employee within Blink through the chat function, be sure to report it to your manager or HR team who will be able to take action for you.

If you see any content posted to the Feed that is abusive, harassing individuals or certain groups, or uncomfortable to read then you can report this content. To find out how, click this link.

Compliance requests

Compliance requests enable an organisation to request exports of chats, feed posts, or comments. If you need to request an export of information, then you must ensure the request is coming from a Compliance Officer or Data Protection Officer within your organisation.

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