🎥 CEO Welcome Video

A script and a few best practices to creating an engaging welcome video from your top leadership.

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We believe it's important to engage and welcome your Frontline with a personal message from your CEO or Leadership team. This is a highly effective what to let your team know that they are valued and heard while also giving more insight into what Blink does and how it will be used in your organization.

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📹 Recording the Video

You can record this video easily from your preferred device and upload it directly to your feed. We recommend using the "Priority" post category to allow the post to stand out and be acknowledged by your audience.

✨ Tips ✨

  • Film in portrait mode with a clean background behind the speaker.

  • A company logo backdrop, worksite or depot is great too-just make sure it is not noisy or too bright!

  • Minimize any background noise that may interfere with the quality of the sound

  • Ensure the camera is on a stable surface

📚 Examples from past clients

Allity Healthcare

Pikes Peak Pallative Care USA

⌨️ Example script

We know that starting from a blank page is hard so, to make this process easier for you, we've provided a proposed script template below. Feel free to get as creative as you want!

Hello Team,

I would like to welcome you to Blink – {COMPANY NAME}’s new internal communications platform.

Blink will encourage and support better communication throughout our businesses at {COMPANY NAME} in an efficient and fun way.

With Blink, we can have two-way communication, share ideas and ensure you are kept up to date with all the important information that is relevant to you.

Blink is an independent provider and has been chosen because it is simple to use, similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social medial platforms. This means that you won’t have to learn a new system. Just simply download the app, sign in and you’re good to go.

Importantly, Blink is a secure platform that only Blinks employees have access to, so it’s a safe environment to exchange ideas and information.

For me, the launch of Blink means I can now personally reach more of our frontline staff and connect more easily with you.

I will be using it to regularly update you on what is happening at a {COMANY NAME} wide level as well as listening to suggestions of how we can make every day the best it can be for our clients and for each other. I encourage you to use Blink to stay connected and celebrate the great work we do at {COMPANY NAME}.

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