Where is my data stored?

Where your Blink app data is securely stored

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Blink is a distributed system with data stored in multiple locations. Currently we use AWS for hosting our solution with regions available being eu-west-1 (Ireland), ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) and us-west-2 (Oregon). Offsite, encrypted backups are held in Google Cloud at Google Europe-West1 (Belgium), Australia-Southeast1 (Sydney) and US-West1 (Oregon).

Individual organizations on Blink choose where physical data is stored at rest. For example, one organization may store their data with Amazon Web Services in the US whereas another organization may store their data with in the EU. For more information, reach out to your organization's Blink administrators and also refer to your company's internal data security policies.

Regardless of where your data is physically stored, you can rest assured that all data across Blink benefits from high levels of encryption and the very best security standards.

For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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To find out more information about data and security please check out the Security page of our website.

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