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What do I need to know before I sign up for Blink?
What do I need to know before I sign up for Blink?

Helpful resources to get to know Blink and help you decide if it's the right fit for your organization.

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We know that new technology is a big decision for any organization. This page is designed to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an educated decision.

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Blink. And there’s no more them and us.

The average frontline user opens Blink seven times per day, creating an instant, reliable way for you to connect with your frontline teams.

Blink's frontline app helps you take three simple steps to creating the kind of employee experience that revolutionizes your business.

1. Enable

Give your frontline the tools, information and inspiration they need to go above and beyond

Bring digital transformation to the frontline with paystubs, reporting and critical documents to make the day job easier.

2. Engage

Give your frontline instant access to the news, people and information they need to feel part of the team

Blink delivers a social media-like Feed experience and secure group Chats, creating seamless connection for the whole organization

3. Understand

Use data and insights you need to make the best decisions for your teams

Blink's engagement analytics and surveys give leaders the ability to finally get real-time insight into frontline reality.

For more information on the app, check out these resources:

Industries we're working with

We're always looking to expand the industries we work with! Below, we've included resources on the industries we've already had success with to help provide use-case scenarios.

Addressing Pain Points with Blink

All of our clients come to Blink to help address concerns with their workforce. Whether it's trouble with recruiting, retention, building stronger company culture, or improving overall performance on KPIs.

Pricing and Plans

One app that pays for itself. Blink can replace an intranet, paper, and even email, while increasing the ROI of the other apps you love.

All information regarding our pricing and available plans can be found here.


We can talk about our product all day, but we know that it's important to get multiple perspectives. With that in mind, we've included testimonials below of testimonials from some of our clients to help provide real-world feedback for how the app can work for you organization.

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