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Helping our self-serve customers honest feedback from their workforce on Blink

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Feedback is the gift that keeps giving. This article will cover how to identify frontline influencers (similar to Blink Champions) as well as how to gather detailed feedback on the tools they use regularly, what's missing, what can be improved, and what does/doesn't work for them.

In this article:

Identifying influencers

To get the most valuable feedback, we recommend focusing on users who are actively engaged in the Blink app in the chats, feed, hub, or all three. With that in mind, it can also be extremely enlightening to include users that either previously were actively engaged but aren't anymore or who have been resistant to using Blink to best identify what maybe negatively impacting their experience.

💡 Helpful Hint

Not sure who your influencers are? It may be a good idea to start by looking at your Blink Champions or users who could become Blink Champions.

Suggested questions

Once you've identified your group, consider how you'd like to gather feedback. While we encourage having a live conversation or conference call, some organizations may see greater benefit from a survey sent to their desired users. The following questions are a good starting point for admins to keep in mind when collecting the feedback from users:

  1. Talk me through the typical day of one of your frontline workers

  2. How do they sign-in at the beginning of the day? Do they need to check-in?

  3. Who do they need to speak to? Their Manager? Colleagues?

  4. Do all of your employees have their own personal devices?

Although we've included some suggested questions to include below based on your audience, we strongly encourage you to add or remove questions as needed to ensure you get the most useful feedback for your specific organization.

Basic users

  1. How do employees complete common tasks?

  2. How do you share rotas / schedules?

  3. How do your employees swap shifts?

  4. How do your employees book holiday?

  5. How do your employees receive payslips?

  6. How do your employees change personal details i.e. change of address, bank details, etc?

  7. How do your employees refer or apply for vacancy positions?

  8. Report a HR concern/issue and/or book time with their supervisors/manager?

  9. Call in sick/report an absence?

  10. Are there any forms they need to complete? How do they currently complete forms? Can we digitize your paper forms? i.e. uniforms


  1. How do you contact your employees? Do you have phone numbers or emails?

  2. What critical communications do you need to tell your employees? What critical information do your employees need to acknowledge?

  3. How do you currently share critical information like policy changes (covid updates etc)?

  4. How do you ensure this information has been read and acknowledged by the audience?

  5. What notices do employees need to read? Daily bulletins? Important notices?

Comms specialists

  1. What are your current communications channels? How can we use these channels to communicate the launch of Blink?

  2. Who are the key stakeholders? Who are promoters or detractors? How do you plan on engaging key stakeholders in your organization?

  3. What are the key pain points you are hoping to resolve with Blink?

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