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Invite your frontline to join Blink: our invite routes
Invite your frontline to join Blink: our invite routes

Learn about the different routes available for onboarding your frontline to Blink

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Choose an invite route:

We understand that reaching your frontline can be tough. That’s why we’ve designed a number of flexible routes for inviting your employees to join Blink.

Follow the links below to learn more about each route:

In addition to each onboarding route, our Line Manager Invite function ensures you’re maximizing reach by enabling line managers to invite their direct reports to join Blink.

Read more here:

The invite route(s) you choose will dictate the account activation experience for your frontline. In addition, the way in which you choose to authenticate a user's log-in will govern exactly what the user experiences when activating their account or logging in.

You can read more about our different authentication methods here:

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