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Using a central authentication service to support users to join Blink
Using a central authentication service to support users to join Blink

Joining Blink via a third party SAML / SSO

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For those clients needing to use a central authentication service, Blink can be linked to a SAML or SSO provider and the user would then receive their invitation to join Blink in the inbox that’s associated with the SAML/SSO.

The invite link takes the user to download the Blink app if it’s not already on their device, and log-in is redirected via the SAML/SSO service.

Clients wishing to use this activation route must verify that the user email addresses linked to SSO/SAML are set up with inboxes.

This is the user experience on a mobile device:


I need to update the contact details associated to my Blink account

Speak to your manager who can help update your details in the system. This must be completed by your organization and can’t be done by Blink.

Blink does not recognise the contact details the employee has entered.

An Admin can help the user find the correct contact detail by looking it up in the Admin portal under the user profile.

I don’t know my log-in details for my central authentication service

Your central authentication service is managed by your employer. Please contact your manager if you don’t know your log-in details.

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