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Inviting users to join Blink via our account claim micro-app
Inviting users to join Blink via our account claim micro-app

Joining Blink via employee unique identifiers (such as a payroll number)

Updated over a week ago

Blink’s account claim micro-app enables users to join Blink with an employee ID number and last name. This could be their social security number, national insurance number, payroll number, or another form of ID that is unique to the user.

This is targeted for our clients who don’t have reliable contact data (phone numbers or email addresses) for sending direct invitations to their frontline.

The account claim micro-app is accessed by scanning a QR code that requests the user to enter their employee ID and last name. The user will be redirected to download the Blink app (if not already on their device) and then prompted for their phone number so we can send them an OTP code for verification.

This is the user experience on a mobile device:


Employees are unable to scan the QR code

If employees can’t scan the QR code with their device, you can invite them via a different activation route. Read more here.

Some employees don’t know their employee ID

An Admin can help the user find their employee ID by looking it up in the Admin portal under the user profile.

An employee didn’t receive their OTP code

They should select ‘tap to send again’ in the Blink app. For further troubleshooting please see:

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