Blink surveys help managers of all levels bring out the best in their teams.

So whether you're a seasoned leader, new to the role and you're figuring things out on your own, Blink's survey will help you to figure out where you can deliver the most impact for your team and the wider company.

The Blink Survey Experience on Mobile

Why survey your company?

  • It gives everyone a safe space to share genuine feelings about their satisfaction at work.

  • Surveys result in actionable insights that create a framework for managers to develop their leadership skills.

  • With clear signposting, leaders can focus on improving employee satisfaction, addressing areas of concern, and closing the loop with the frontline, resulting in the company holding on to its best talent and attracting the employees you want.


Essential & Business

Enterprise & Enterprise +

Pulse surveys

Different response types

Free text questions


Multi-question surveys

Participation leaderboards

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What types of surveys can I send?

Single-question Pulse surveys

Blink Pulse surveys are typically distributed more frequently allowing you to get a clearer view of changing attitudes and sentiments. To get that clear view, you need high response rates. That’s why Blink Pulse surveys allow you to ask just one question.

Multiple-question surveys

Using the Blink survey builder you can build and distribute Onboarding, Engagement, well-being, DEI, and almost any other type of survey you can imagine to your workforce.

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