The secret to high participation and trust in surveys.

Now that you've sent a survey to your team, you want to sit there hitting refresh until the results flood in. We know that feeling.

Hold on... There are a few things you need to know. Blink surveys are anonymous, meaning there is no way for anyone to identify participants personally.

Anonymity is why the frontline trust surveys to express genuine feelings. And so, with this in mind, we have built a few mechanisms to protect them further:

  • You cannot send a survey to fewer than three people.

  • You cannot see any results until at least three users have responded to your survey.

  • Responses are never linked to individual users. So, you cannot find out how any individual has responded.

  • We are unable to link a survey response to an individual.

Checking your results

Once at least three people have responded to your survey, you'll start to see results come in in real-time. Click on the survey from the Satisfaction page in admin to see your score, sentiment, and participation as well as a breakdown of the results.

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