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Survey results and how to read them
Survey results and how to read them

Analyze data and make the most of the results from your surveys in Blink

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Checking your results

Who can view survey results?

Only Organization Admins and Content Moderators can see the results of surveys.

When can we see the results?

Results are only shown once at least three people have responded to your survey.

Where can we see the results?

Once at least three people have responded to your survey, you'll see results in real-time.

  1. From Admin, click on Surveys in the navigation bar, and then select the survey you want to see the results of.

  2. The results from that survey will look like the image shown here.

How long are the results stored?

Results from surveys are stored permanently.

Can I see how a certain user responded?

Blink surveys are anonymous, meaning there is no way for anyone to identify participants personally.

How are the results calculated?


Percentage of the total audience who have completed the survey. In addition to overall participation, you can break the results down by team, line manager, department, location, or company.

  1. From the bottom of the survey results page, click on the way you'd like to have the results broken down by.

  2. You can then sort to find the highest or lowest participation as desired.

Question score

The question score is the number of responders who gave positive responses out of the number of total responders for that question

Overall score

Overall scores are calculated as an average of all question scores from that survey.

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