Pulse Surveys

What Pulse surveys, how they can help your organization, and how to create one.

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Who can use this feature?

  • Pulse surveys are free to use for all organizations.

  • Organization Admins and Content Moderators can create and see the results of surveys.

What are pulse surveys?

Pulse surveys are typically concise surveys distributed frequently to your entire workforce, giving you a clearer view of changing attitudes and sentiments.


The shorter the survey, the higher the participation you can expect. That's why we believe pulse surveys should be just one question.


Equipped with your previous pulse survey results, you can put a plan in place to make any necessary changes. Then, rather than waiting months or even a year to see if these changes are having the desired impact, you can ask the same people a similar question the following month.

๐Ÿ’ก Here at Blink, this method allows us to spot trends sooner, focus on driving changes that help retain our best talent, and continually improve Blink as a workplace, which in turn helps us attract the needed employees.

Creating your first pulse survey

  1. From Admin, click on Surveys in the navigation bar.

  2. Click on Create survey.

  3. Create your survey

    1. Start by Naming your survey. This name is shown to all users.

    2. Select the response type. You can select from:

      1. Agreement

        A five-point scale (Strongly Disagree ๐Ÿ‘‰ Strongly Agree)

      2. Opinion

        An eleven-point scale (0 ๐Ÿ‘‰ 10)

      3. Free text

        Allow users to respond however they want to

      4. Yes/No

        Users will be able to select a simple yes or no response.

      5. Multiple Choice

        This option allows you to predefine a number of choices that a user can pick from to respond to the question. You must set at least two choices. There's no upper limit.
        You can drag-and-drop choices to re-arrange them

    3. Select a topic to link your question to. More on Topics.

    4. Select or create your question.

      1. Suggested question

      2. We offer a range of pre-written questions based on your selected topic.

      3. Create question

        You can also write your own question. To do this, click Create question, Type what you want, and click the Create new question button in the dropdown. Your question must be unique.

    5. Select the audience. We recommend sending the survey out to your entire company. However, you can select individual teams if you want a more targeted approach.

    6. Select a due date. After this date, no further responses will be allowed. You can extend your survey or close it early.

  4. Ready? Give your survey one final check and click Launch.

Frequently asked question

Why can't I launch my survey?

If the Launch button is disabled and you're unsure why, check that every field on the survey is complete and that your audience contains at least three people.

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