🏅 The role of a Blink Champion

Assigning a Blink Champion, what they do pre-launch, during the launch, and what they support post-launch

Written by Ana Mason
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🎖️ Blink Champions are the cornerstone of a successful launch! Be sure to assign them before the rollout starts.

Their role includes:

  • Working with other Champions to ensure the launch is a success

  • Raising awareness of Blink

  • Encouraging others to use the app

  • Being active in the Feed

  • Educating their team on how to use the app

  • Being an advocate for Blink

  • Becoming an expert on Blink


  1. Complete Training - Champions should attend a workshop where they are introduced to Blink and given a run-through of the different features. This session will also be an opportunity to start getting ready for launch day and give your Champions a chance to ask any questions they may have to start with.

  2. Get to know Blink - Champions need to spend time getting used to using the different areas of Blink. This includes successfully activating their accounts, completing their user profiles, setting preferences, and beginning to use the Chat function to speak to other Champions and Project Leaders.

  3. Get ready for launch day - Start gathering material for launch day, such as merchandise, handbooks and FAQs. Project Leaders and Champions should use the platform to communicate ahead of the launch to get all the content ready on the Feed and in the Hub.

  4. Build excitement and momentum - It's important for Champions to help build excitement before launch day by spreading the word about Blink and sharing the benefits of Blink to their colleagues.

  5. Finally, make things fun and exciting!


  1. Set up a space for your launch - Launch day should be a fun and exciting event for everyone, so make sure you've got everything ready and it looks great!

  2. Make it a celebration! - To guarantee to get the launch off to a flying start, create a buzz with balloons, posters, merchandise and tasty treats.

  3. Help people set up their Blink accounts - Champions should be available on launch day to support their colleagues with activating their Blink accounts. If they are not available for launch day, we recommend that Champions get involved by running one-to-one or drop-in sessions at another time.

  4. Capture the moment - Champions need to make sure they take photos and share them with the rest of the company on Blink during and after the launch event to show their colleagues how they can interact with the Feed.

The contribution of a Champion after launch is essential for the ongoing adoption and success of Blink!


  1. Stay engaged! - After the launch, Champions need to continue posting interesting content to help drive engagement and keep the discussions going.

  2. Support your colleagues - A Champion needs to be a point of contact for their colleagues should they need any support with Blink, and help them engage with the platform.

  3. Talk about it! - Champions should chat to their colleagues and gather feedback from them. All feedback, good or bad, is welcome, and it's very helpful for Champions to report feedback to the Blink team, so we can continue to improve the platform.

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