✅ Pre-Launch Checklist

A basic guide for admins getting Blink ready for their organization

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This list contains everything you need to do before launching Blink to your organization!

🎨 Create your Teams & add content to the Hub & Feed

Blink is built on the foundation of Teams, which define what each user sees in the Feed and what they have access to in the Hub.

  • Create your Teams based on your organizational structure - keep it high level for now, you can always add more teams in the future

  • Organise your Hub by adding Sections and Folders

  • Begin adding Files, Pages, Shortcuts, and Quick Links to your Hub

  • Decide what post categories you'd like to have and start adding posts to the Feed

💡 Helpful Hint

Create your Team Structure first! This ensures all the content is shared with the right audience from day one and you can automate team memberships!

⬆️ Import your Users

Once your Teams are created, you're ready to import your users individually, via bulk import (CSV or Excel file), or SCIM (e.g. Active Directory).

  • Click on the Users tab in the Blink admin Portal and head to Import Users, then follow the import guide.

  • Choose an authentication method (OTP, SAML, o365, GSuite, or Password)

  • Choose an onboarding process: Email and/or SMS invites, or QR Code

  • Assign admin privileges (Org Administrator, Team Administrator, Content Moderator, Basic User)

💡 Helpful Hint

Add the Teams to the user import template to automate team memberships on import!

📲 Pre-Launch Communications Campaign

Build hype with a great communications campaign to Generate excitement, anticipation, and improve adoption.

  • Select and train your Blink Champions

  • Distribute digital and analogue launch awareness campaigns

  • Define your launch data and launch event

  • Organise SWAG (banners, pens, lanyards, stickers, etc.)

💡 Helpful Hint

Be open and honest with your workforce. Tell them the pain points Blink will solve for them and how it’s going to improve their work lives!

Need some help? - If you're having trouble and need support, you can contact our support team at any time via email at support@joinblink.com

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