Creating and sharing shortcuts to resources stored outside of Blink so your team can access them

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It's important that your Teams have access to any and all resources they need, regardless of where said resource may be housed. To help integrate everything to one convenient location in Blink, we offer shortcuts which allow admins to link to other resources that aren't stored in the app.

Shortcuts are essentially like the bookmarks you add in the browser or websites you add to your home screen on your phone; however, the shortcuts we offer in Blink also allow you to share internal resources with your team.

💡 Helpful Hint

At this time, Blink does not support shortcuts to other content stored in the hub such as other pages. We recommend integrating these into your Quick Links or the launch page for the hub section you'd like them added to.

Organization or Team Administrators can head over to the Admin panel to add shortcuts to internal resources and other useful websites and share them with the team so that they have easy access to everything they require to be awesome at their job.

How to create a shortcut

  1. Open the Admin panel through the desktop/web application or go to

  2. Under the "content studio" section, select the Hub.

  3. Tap the " Add Content' button on the right

  4. In the 'Add Content' box, click on Shortcut

  5. In the panel that slides out add the following:

    1. URL: This is the address of the shortcut, and usually starts with " www. ", " http:// ",or " https:// "

    2. Display Name: This is how the shortcut will appear in your teams' Hub.

    3. Shortcut Icon: To help distinguish everything shared with your team, we recommend uploading a recognizable picture that helps your team quickly recognize the shortcut.

    4. In the remaining sections, select which team(s) you'd like to share your shortuct with and which section you'd like it to appear under in your Hub. You'll also be given the option to share this to the feed, create a quick link, and/or protect the shortcut by using the toggles at the bottom of the panel.

  6. Once you're happy with your shortcut, click "share" to make it accessible to your team.

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