What is the Hub?

Access and use the Hub feature on Blink

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The Blink Hub has been designed to give you easier, quicker access to the things you need to do your job.

It acts as a central point for you and other users to find documents, forms, micro-apps, images, pages, shortcuts etc. all from one convenient location.

Your Hub is unique and relevant to you and your job! To offer the best possible user experience, it's customized based on the Teams that you are a member of.

When a piece of content is created in the Hub, it is assigned a specific audience i.e. a Team or group of Teams. Only the members of those Teams who are part of the audience will be able to view the content.

Can't see something in your Hub?

What you see in your Hub is controlled by your Blink Administrator.

If you have suggestions for something that you think would be useful in your Hub, we recommend that you speak to your Blink Administrator or Blink Champion.

Error loading the Hub?

If you have any issues while using the Hub, please refresh the page or close the app and then re-launch it to correct the problem.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, please log contact support at support@joinblink.com and we'll get your problem resolved as quickly as we can.

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