Organising the Hub

Structure Hub content to help teams access the right information in an engaging and efficient way

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Making the Hub clear and digestible is one of the most important parts of it all! If a user can't find something they may find their time wasted or they may be disappointed. This is why we’ve introduced a number of additions to the Hub which allow you to organize the Hub for your users enabling you to highlight key information and make it easier than ever for your users to find what they’re looking for.

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🌩️ Quick Links

Administrators can mark things stored within Hub as Quick Links to help users access key information and tools quicker and easier, by displaying them in the feed (desktop only) and at the top of the Hub.

🔠 Sections

At the root level of Hub, you can add Sections which allow you to categorise and sort the top level of Hub.

📁 Folders

Folders are a great way of grouping content that you don’t want to display at the roots level of Hub. As with any other Hub content, you can select what teams have access to view the topics in a specific folder.

To add a new folder, simply click on "Add content" in the Hub section of the Admin Panel and select folder. Enter the requested information in the form below and select "share" to make it accessible for your team.

Default Content

Within a folder, you can opt to use a page as default content. By doing this, the page that you select is displayed at the top of that folder increasing users awareness of it.

We recommend using this for highlighting the latest or most frequently used content in a folder

  1. Open the "hub" section in the Admin panel

  2. Find the page you would like to set as the default content and click the three dots on the right side.

  3. Select "Make default page" from the menu

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