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Add and access video content on the Hub

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📹 Videos are a great way to add rich, engaging content to your Blink Hub. From company updates to training videos, users can easily search and find the videos they need on the job.

ℹ️ This is an Admin-only feature meaning users must be Content Moderators, Team Admins (role specific to the team they are an Admin for), or Organization Admins in order to use this. Please contact support at for more information.

How to add videos to your hub

  1. Open the Admin portal through the desktop or webapp and go to the section under "Content Studio" labelled "Hub".

  2. From this view, click the blue "Add Content" button and select 'Video' from the options.

  3. Add your Video by clicking 'Upload to Blink' and selecting a file from your device, or drag and drop into the 'Upload video' section.

  4. When your video uploads, the Display name will be the same as the name of the file, but you can edit it to make it easier for your team to search and find.

  5. Select which Teams you'd like to have access to the video, and in which section of The Hub it will sit.

  6. You can give your video a custom thumbnail by clicking 'Change image' and selecting a file from your device.

  7. Before sharing your video in The Hub, select whether you'd like to share it to the Feed, make it available as a quick link, and/or protect it by requiring users to confirm their biometrics (Only available for mobile) before watching.

  8. Hit 'Share' to publish your video to The Hub. If you selected 'Share to Feed,' you will be directed to the post editor.

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