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Blink comes built-in with a way to create content in the Hub called Pages, removing the need to upload Word documents or PDF files. Blink Administrators can create Pages in the Hub section of the Admin portal.

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💡 Helpful Hint

The recommended size, in pixels, for the banner of a page is 1840 x 750. However, you can try others around this. See what works best for you!

Create a new page

  1. Open the Admin Panel

  2. In the section labelled "Content Studio," open the Hub

  3. Click on "Add content" and select "Page"

  4. This opens the page editor. Before publishing a page, you'll need to specify a title, add your content, and select an audience this page will be shared with.

    1. We also recommend setting a featured image for your page and sharing it to the Feed to increase visibility

Add content

Besides basic text, you can also add the following types of content to a page:

  • Images

  • Attachments

  • Links (to external URLs or to other items in the Hub)

  • Videos (YouTube/Vimeo)

💡 Helpful Hint

There is an upload limit of 25MB for all attachments or images uploaded to pages!

Add attachments

  1. In the page editor, select the attachment button at the top

  2. This will open the file exploxer on your device so you can select one or more files to add.

  3. Once you've selected all desired files, click "open" in the file explorer to upload them to the page.

  4. Every attachment will be added on a new line in the editor. If you prefer, you can remove the empty lines in between the attachments to make them appear in a row.

Add links

Links are automatically detected in your text and highlighted as a link. Alternatively, you can select any piece of text and click the link button (shown below) to add a link to the selection.

You can either link to a URL or a Hub item such as another page, a micro-app, or an attachment hosted elsewhere within the hub.

💡 Helpful Hint

Only link to Hub items in your Page that the audience of the Page will have access to, otherwise they will be presented with an error message if they try to open the Hub item inside the Page.

Preview a page

At any time while working on a page, you can check how it will appear for both Mobile and Web/Desktop users. Simply click "Preview Page" in the lower right corner and select the view you wish to see.

Once you're happy with the content and layout of your page, click "publish" to make it available to everyone in the audience selected. When someone views the page in their hub, they will always receive the page with the latest changes that were published.


Why am I receiving an error when I try to open a link to another Hub article?

Only the specified audience/team will be able to see certain items on the hub. Check with your manager first to verify you are a part of the audience for this content.

If you are a part of the audience, please report the issue to

How can I view pages in another language?

This is a paid-for feature and must be enabled first.

We do offer the option to translate any page created withing Blink to the desired language selected by a user. For more information regarding on-demand translation, please click here.

How can I make sure everyone in the audience reads this page?

Admins have the option to make different pages, articles, etc "mandatory reads" which will require all members of the selected audience to review and acknowledge that they've seen the page. For more information, please see this article.

When I publish the page, how can I notify the team that it's available?

To share the page with all members of a selected audience, make sure the "Share to feed" option is toggled on. This will send the page out as a feed post to the desired team(s) as soon as it's published.

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