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What launch pages are and how to use them to boost engagement in your Hub

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If a page is set to be a Launch Page, it will open when the folder it corresponds to is opened. You are only able to set a Page (not a micro-app, shortcut, etc.) as the "launch page" or default content for a folder. Only admins and content moderators are able to edit or set default pages; however, once it is set up, it will affect everyone who has access to the folder.

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💡 Helpful Hint

You can only set a Page as the Launch page. You cannot set a page to be a Launch page from the Quicklinks section.

Setting the default launch page

  1. Ensure you have the correct roles as mentioned above.

  2. Head to the Admin Page, then to the Hub tab.

  3. Find the Page you want to be launched after opening a folder.

  4. Click the three little dots and click "Make Default Page".

  5. Now when the folder is opened that Page will appear like below:

Removing the default launch page

If you need to change or remove the current default page for a folder, follow the steps provided above. This time, the option will show as "Remove Default Page" which you can select to remove it as your launch page.

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