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Viewing your pay slips from the Hub
Viewing your pay slips from the Hub

Assistance with using a Hub feature to view pay slips through Blink

Updated over a week ago

If your organization has integrated access to your pay slip provider in the Blink app, you will be able to access those through the Hub. How users are able to access pay slips will be dependent on how the pay slips are provided - either through a MicroApp within Blink, or a Shortcut link to your pay slip provider.


I can't find a way to access my pay slips

This may be caused by your Team access. Please reach out to your manager to ensure you have the correct Team Access.

I have access to my pay slips, but I can't actually view them

This may be caused by incorrect information in your profile. This can be edited by an Admin within your Organization. Reach out to your Manager or your IT team for support on this.

My profile information is correct, but I still can't access my pay slips.

If this is the case, please sign out and back into the app (click here for how to logout and here for assistance signing in). If this does not resolve the problem, please reach out to our support team at for further assistance.

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