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Kudos - Recognition for your Employees
Kudos - Recognition for your Employees

The Kudos microapp for your Blink instance allows instant and eye-catching recognition for your star employees

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This feature is included with all Blink subscriptions.

Colleague Recognition (aka Kudos) provides an easy way to make your employees feel valued in a meaningful, personalized way. You can mark anything worth remembering, recognizing, or celebrating on the Blink newsfeed in seconds.

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Adding Kudos to your Blink app

  1. Copy the link below. This is the link you will use to add the Kudos app to your Blink organization.
  2. Open the Admin portal and navigate to the Content Studio section. Select "Hub".

  3. Click "Add Content" and choose Microapp from the drop-down options.

  4. Paste in the link from step 1 into the URL box. The URL must contain "https://" or it will not work.

  5. Add the display name and an icon of your choosing.

    1. If you are looking for an icon, we can provide a default icon. This cannot be customized but will be for free. Click the link below to request this.

  6. Share this with a Team(s) of your choosing. Anyone within this Team will be able to share Kudos.

  7. Add this to the Section of your choosing.

  8. We highly recommend making this a QuickLink using the toggle towards the bottom of the page so it's easy to locate for your users but this not a required step.

  9. Once you are ready click 'Share'. The microapp is now ready to be accessed.

Sending Kudos

  1. Head to the Hub

  2. When you want to recognize or appreciate an employee, click or tap ‘Recognize a colleague’

  3. You’ll see a standard set of awards available which can be customized based on the user's needs: thank you, you’re a star, work anniversary, happy birthday, congratulations... Select the option that best fits your situation.

  4. Enter the name(s) of the user(s) you'd like to recognize and select "next".

  5. Personalize your recognition with any notes. We encourage a brief summary of why you're sending the kudos i.e. a summary of the situation, the specific number of years for the anniversary, a quick memory for in a happy birthday message, etc.

  6. Preview and send. You can still edit after posting.


I can't see the Microapp in the Hub.

If you can't find the Microapp within the Hub please make sure you are a part of the Team this is shared to.

Can anyone send Kudos?

Anyone with access to the Team this microapp is shared with will be able to send Kudos. Please ensure that the audience only includes members you want to be able to access. However, regardless of who is on the Team, you can send Kudos to any user within your organization.

Who can add the Kudos microapp?

You will need admin privileges (Team Admin, Content Moderator, or Organization Admin) to add the Microapp to your Hub.

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