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Migration Requests
Migration Requests

When people leave another organization on Blink, return to a Blink employer, or work for more than one company on Blink

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We know that every workforce will encounter personnel changes. It is our goal at Blink to ensure these changes may occur as seamlessly as possible for everyone involved. We typically refer to these scenarios as "migration requests" and they fall into one of the following categories:

User leaving an organization to join a different one on Blink

Whenever a user leaves an organization, we recommend having the user deactivated and removing their contact information. If the contact information is still listed on their profile, other organizations will encounter issues when trying to add them to Blink.

For more information on troubleshooting adding users, check out this article.

User returning to an organization they previously left

When an employee returns to the organization, you have two options to add them back to your Blink instance.

  1. The easiest option would be to reactivate their original profile and add in their updated contact details

  2. When this isn't a viable option, you are able to invite them as a new user; however, it's important that their contact information has been removed from their old profile.

User works for more than one company that uses Blink

At this time, we are technically unable to support having the same user on multiple instances. This is because the app will not allow two users to have the same contact information. For a user to be active on multiple instances, they will need to have separate profiles with different information. We usually recommend using an email on one and a phone number on the other or using a personal email and a work email.

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Still need help? No worries! Contact our support team at and we'd be happy to assist with migrating your user(s)

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