How to navigate the Billing section to create and/or update your Blink subscription in the Admin Panel

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After you complete your free trial and decide if Blink is right for you, the next step would be to purchase a subscription that best meets your needs We recommend checking out our pricing information to view available plans to help you make an informed decision based on what features your business needs.

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How to start a subscription

You can 'subscribe' to Blink at any time during your trial period by navigating to the Billing section of the Admin Panel. Simply follow the steps below to create your subscription:

  1. Go to Billing in the Admin Panel

  2. You can switch between the monthly and annual plan options based on your needs.

  3. When your happy with your plan and number of seats, enter your billing details and a payment method.

  4. The subscription will start at the end of the trial period. Once the trial is over, a payment will be attempted from their stored card and billing state will be updated accordingly.

How to edit/update a subscription

We understand that your needs may change and the number of licenses you originally purchased may no longer meet your needs. In those situations, you have the power to update your subscription at any time through the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Billing in admin

  2. Click the plan name

  3. Click ‘Edit Subscripton’ at the botttom

  4. Change the field marked ‘Qty’ (Quantity) (this is a dropdown field that goes up to 10, but it also acts as a textbox if more than 10 are required)

  5. Click Update Subscription

💡 Helpful Hint

Need to reduce your number of licenses? You can do that too! Simply follow the same steps as listed above and enter the desired number of seats for your organization. Please note that the system may allow you to enter a number that is lower than the number of active users you currently have: when this happens, you'll be prompted to update your subscription to ensure all active license are covered.


How can I add more seats if the dropdown only goes up to 10?

The dropdown field also functions as a textbox so you can enter any number to ensure you get the correct amount of seats for your organization.

What if I want to cancel my subscription all together?

We love the opportunity to retain your business if possible. If you have any concerns that may result in cancellation, please contact your Customer Success Manager and/or our support team ( and we'd be happy to help.

Where can I find more information about my Blink Trial?

This article has a lot of helpful information and covers common questions regarding Blink trials.

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