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Available views and features when accessing your teams on the mobile app

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What are Team Spaces?

Previously, when looking at the Directory on Blink, there was a heavy focus on contacts & settings and it wasn't easy to find your manager, your teams, or the available channels to join.

Now, when you access the Directory on Mobile, you'll instantly see Your Contacts & Your Teams in separate carousels. By selecting a team, you’ll instantly see everything linked to that team including:

  • The Team name and purpose

  • Profile photos of team members

  • Who is an Admin

  • A Hub resources carousel

  • A Chat channels carousel

  • All Feed posts sent to that Team

What's changed?

Users have been able to see Team details and settings in previous versions of Blink, so we think it's important to outline the exact changes made as a part of this update in addition to the overall brand-new layout.

  • When you open the Directory, 'Your Teams' is now on the front page.

  • Settings button has moved up to the top-right hand corner.

    • From the setting page, Team Admins can update the image, name, team purpose and privacy settings.

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  • In the list of Team Members, we show the profile photos of users in alphabetical orders but prioritize team admins first.

    • You can tap the {x} Members button and to view all members of the team with admins listed at the top.

    • Add members button makes it much easier for admins to add a new member to their team.

  • Resources – A carousel displaying all content from Hub shared with this team.

    • Tap the See All button and you’ll be taken to Hub.

  • Channels – A carousel showing the Channels in this Team.

    • Tap the See all button and you’ll see the channels you are active in at the top and all other channels listed below.

    • New Channel button makes it easier than ever for Admins to create channels.

  • Latest Feed posts – Just like the feed, we’ll show the most recent posts sent to this team.

    • Tap the See all button and you’ll be taken to a filtered version of the Feed where you can see all posts sent to this team but also be able to flip between the post categories.

    • Share a Post button opens the share box with this team already in the audience.

      • You can also do this by clicking the plus button in the bottom-right hand corner of the page. This opens a menu allowing users to share a post to this team directly from the Team Space and Team admins will also see the option to add a member or create a new channel.

Who can use this feature?

Everything listed here is currently enabled for all organizations at no additional charge. All Mobile users in the organization will have access to see Team Spaces for any team(s) they are a member of.

At this time, these features are only accessible via the mobile app.

How do I access this feature?

User are able to access this feature through the Directory on the Mobile app.


  1. At the bottom of your Blink app, click on Directory.

  2. Go to the "Your Teams" section and select the desired team.

  3. This will open a new page with all the team details including members, shared resources, channels, and recent Feed posts.


Are there currently any plans to develop these features further?

Absolutely! We can see so many potential ways to improve these pages and take the best parts of this page and introduce those across the app. Like our widgets, we’re particularly interested in making them smarter so that rather than showing everything in alphabetical order, we order the members, channels and resources in a way that highlights what’s important to you as an individual.

Will all this be coming to the desktop app?

We have an ongoing project underway to improve the look and feel of Blink on desktop and web. Introducing Team Spaces will form part of that work, but we don't have shareable timelines yet.

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