Blink provides a really simple way to distribute forms and surveys to your employees


  1. Go to 'Admin panel' - only Admins can access this via desktop
  2. 'Admin Panel' will open in a secondary tab
  3. Select ‘Hub’
  4. Select (+) Add Content
  5. Select Forms - we support:
    1. Google forms
    2. Typeform
    3. Survey Monkey
    4. Microsoft forms
    5. Other survey software you may use
  6. Select your forms provider
  7. Copy-and-paste the URL of the survey you’ve created which can be accessed via the Blink app
  8. Input a display name
  9. Upload a display icon
  10. Select custom variables - this pre-fills parts of your form with user details
  11. Select the specific Team or Teams you’d like to see this link
  12. Choose your Hub section

Tip! Is this an employee satisfaction survey?

  1. Select ‘Share to Feed’ to boost visibility and prominence
  2. Select ‘Quick Link’ if you want this to appear at the top of the Hub

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