Frontline Intelligence

Using the admin portal for important data and analytics to keep your frontline workers engaged

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The 'Frontline Intelligence' section of the Admin portal has all the data you need about your users. There are three categories in this section: Activity, Engagement, and Satisfaction.

This feature is available with all Blink subscriptions.

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What is Frontline Intelligence

How to access it

  1. Go to 'Admin Panel' - only Admins can access this via desktop

  2. 'Admin Panel' will open in a secondary tab

  3. Your Admin portal will open to the following page:

  4. To access Frontline Intelligence, select one of the three sections to the left.



User Activity - this shows the number of users who are opening the Blink app

Account Registration Score- this shows a breakdown of the total users invited, activated, and pending activations as well as actionable steps you can take in the tool to pull more users in such as resending invites.

Accounts by Status - this shows you a breakdown of engaged, other active users, and inactive users:


This is where you can track interaction with Feed posts and chats. (In the near future, you will also be able to see Hub engagement in this section. Stayed tuned!)

Feed - See top-performing posts broken down by Comments, Likes, and Reach (if a user has viewed your post for at least 3 seconds)

Chats - See the total of 1-to-1 and group chats for your organization

For both the Feed and Chats, you're able to filter to a specific team using the search box at the top. You're also able to export the data and control the date range


This is where your survey data is housed. You can see each survey, the team it was sent to, the overall response sentiment, participation percentage, and the current status of the survey.

For more information on surveys, check out these articles:

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