SFTP User Sync

Using SSH File Transfer Protocol to sync user information

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At this time, User Provisioning is only available to organizations on our Enterprise tier. Please email support at support@joinblink.com for more information.

We at Blink are able to set up an SFTP server where you can upload files (.csv or .xlsx). Whenever a new file is uploaded to your server, we will apply the changes in said file to all impacted users in Blink.

The way this currently works is that the sync will only pick up the changes in the file, it will not assume changes. For example, if the initial sync is done with 1,000 people and the subsequent sync is done with 50. It will not assume that 950 people need to be disabled. It will just update those 50 people. To disable users, they will need to be sync’d with the correct flag (e.g. active set to false).

CSV/Excel File Specifications

The following limitations apply to the process:

  • All data must be on the first sheet of the document. Any data on subsequent sheet is not parsed.

  • The first row of the sheet must contain the headers.

  • Headers should not contain any accents (e.g., “é”, “ö”, “í” etc.) or any numbers.

  • The Headers should be Pascal Case, e.g., FirstName, Location, DateOfBirth. More information on Pascal Case be found here.

  • If uploading a CSV, a comma (,) should be used as the separator/delimiter.


There are very few limitations on the mappings. We only require the following:

  • External ID

  • Username

  • Active status

The External ID and the Username can be whatever you like: (Eg. The External ID can be the same as the Employee ID and then Username can be unique or a combination of things (First Name + Second Name etc). The active column can be mapped to whatever field you like but we will need a handle to go off (eg. is_terminated = false, active = true etc).

The other fields are optional and can be configured in any way you want (eg. Multiple fields with the same value, etc). In some cases, custom logic can be added to pull certain fields in when others are not present, such as populating the work phone if there is one or mobile phone if there isn't.

The following, if included, must be unique on a user by user basis; however, the same values can be used for multiple fields -

  • External ID

  • Username

  • Employee Number

  • Email

  • Mobile Phone

If the data for these fields is not entirely accurate and there are duplicates, it is better not to include them until the data is clean as it will cause the sync to fail for these users.

What information we'll need from you

  1. A copy of the export format that you will be uploading to the server. This can have real or fake data in it, however if you would like us to run a “dry sync” to check the quality of your data before the initial sync, then we will need real data. The most important however is the headers.

  2. What you would like to map to what. Here are the Blink fields, please fill in the others as required.

Blink Fields

Your Mappings

External ID*


Employee ID


First Name

Second Name

Phone Mobile

Phone Work


Job Title

Location Name

Department Name



Start Employment Date

End Employment Date

*required fields

Data hygiene required

The initial CSV file you will be uploading to the SFTP servers and all subsequent files should follow a set of rules to work with the Blink API:

  • Mobile phones, emails, usernames, external ids, employee ids should all be unique. Any duplicate values in these columns will generate conflicts in Blink and therefore should be sanitized before attempting to upload the file to the SFTP server

  • Emails should be following the standard email format (username@domainname.extension) Malformed emails will cause issue with the registration process as OTPs will not be able to reach users.

  • Mobile phones should have the correct amount of digits and follow the international format (.i.e for the USA all mobile phones provided should start by +1, UK +44). Users with malformed mobile phones will not be synced to Blink.

  • Ensure the columns in the file uploaded map the mappings provided, e.g. same casing, spacing and so on.

  • If users have already been manually added to your Blink Organization prior to launching the SFTP User Sync, employee IDs in the file uploaded on the SFTP server should match those in Blink for the integration to successfully take over the existing profiles. Otherwise duplicate accounts are at risk to be created.

Sync Results

Results of the sync can be emailed to an email address of your choosing. These can currently only be sent to 1 email address. If you would like us to do this, please provide us with an email address by sending it across to our support team.

💡 Ready to get started?

Send the requested information to us at support@joinblink.com and we'd be happy to help!

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