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How are users loaded into Blink?
How are users loaded into Blink?

Options for loading users into your Blink instance

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Manual uploads

Users can be added to your Blink instance manually through the following options:

  1. Type each user into Blink

  2. Add users through a bulk upload

  3. Dynamically create users during sign up (user enters info in and creates account in the moment) if their email domain is on the list of your organization's registered domains

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Automated uploads

Users can also be uploaded automatically through the following options:

  1. Leveraging user sync with HCM tools such as ADP or Workday

  2. From an Identity Provider (such as Azure AD, Okta, onelogin)

  3. Upload of user data CSV/excel to SFTP server

  4. Custom integration to another application (using our API based on the industry standard SCIM 2.0 protocol)

There are two different types of user sync. Automated provisioning will include/accommodate the initial load plus subsequent joiners/leavers/movers.

Additional resources

The articles linked below can provide more detailed information and assistance for sending invites and adding users.

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